My Vision!

“Enterprise 2.0 is the use of emergent social software platforms by organisations in pursuit of their goals .” Professor Andrew McAfee, MIT.

Enterprise social softwares includes: blogsRSSsocial bookmarkingsocial networking and wikis

Why Enterprise 2.0?

I believe that most public entities need to use social networking softwares and at least monitor them. Employees can and will use smartphones to update them in real-time. In a recent survey by Russell Herder, fewer than one-third of 438 respondents said their organisation had a policy in place governing social media use! Only 10% of the companies surveyed indicated that they had conducted emplyee training on such use. In addition, Web application are at the top of security threats to the enterprise. Workers are already bringing the tools to work from home when their companies don’t provide such use. Therefore, organisation must enforce social computing softwares for better collaboration and communication. Research from MIT’s Andrew McAfee indicates that those who take the advantage of using social softwares best and safely, reap significant competitive benefits.

By doing this subject I would like to learn what can Web 2.0 tools add to modern organisations.


About Morohen
This blog is created for INN346 Enterprise 2.0 subject | Queensland University of Technology

5 Responses to My Vision!

  1. michaelfludder says:

    Successful post! – You’ve got me thinking….security, not just employees blurbing about confidential info, but what about logins and passwords, and as you pointed out – web apps…good post, will be following.

  2. basmah says:

    i like it so much and i would love to use it in my business 🙂
    keep up the good job

  3. Julie says:

    I believe that you do a perfect blog, there are some information very useful.

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