Corporate Wikis: Implementation Strategy

What is a Wiki

A wiki is a Web site that lets visitors easily add, remove and change the content. The best known example of Wiki is Wikipedia.

I found this useful video on Youtube, which explain the following:

  • What a Wiki is
  • Why a Wiki can be a powerful teaching and learning tool
  • Some Best Practices for utilising a Wiki
  • Where to get started with your own Wiki

Wikis are now making their way into corporations where they are used as collaborative software to handle such tasks as project management, tech support, research and development, event planning and customer relationship management (, 2007).


Wiki solutions are being utilized more and more internally in organizations as a way to promote collaboration and information sharing. In this blog post I will present a strategy to implement a Wiki specifically designed to serve the stakeholders as a knowledge bases and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Current Situation

Many of the medium-to-low level employees in BAS Est. are facing repetitive issues frequently. Some of these issues include;

  • Proper Chain of Command Formal Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • File Archiving and Retrieving

The collaborative nature of wikis makes it the perfect tool to distribute information to a large group of readers by offering an up-to-date employee handbook, dispensing information about common questions and making general office announcements (Nations, 2011).

Wiki Evaluation

The Wiki must be searchable and can also provides search option to the attached documentation.  The Wiki must be easy to maintain and modify. The Wiki must also have built in metrics collection that at least tracks the number of pages, number of users, and number of page views for the system.  Finally, price is necessary for evaluating the Wiki tools.

This post will provide 2 examples of Wikis:

  1. Screwturn Wiki – free and open source software that can be used for group collaboration, and as a personal wiki.
  2. Social Text –  a secure, group-editable website. Instead of sending emails and attachments, users can use private web pages to work together from a different location.

Implementation Strategy

Before we implement a Wiki we needs to have a structured plan for evaluation, implementation and maintenance. Enterprise 2.0 Framework will be used as a reference to successfully implement Wiki in BAS Est. local network.

Implementation Plan:

  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS): is a good practice that can bu used to implement the Wiki over a long period of time (for example 2 year).
  • Team Formatting: is an important step to support this project throughout the implementation process.  The team must be a special interest group and have the time to meet regularly.
  • Project Champions: Low-to-Medium size staff must be identified and supported in order to support this initiative.
  • Pilot Program: will provide a period of time to evaluate the selected Wiki software solution to ensure it meets the needs of the stakeholder of BAS.
  • System Maintenance:  The system has to performs optimally and has minimal to no down time.  This includes developing and executing a data backup plan.  Individuals from the special interest group will maintain the system and answer user questions. In general the Wiki needs to be easy to use with minimal to no training required.
  • Monthly Metrics  Collection: Metrics should has at least the number of users of the system; the number of pages created; the number of page views; the most frequented content and total data storage size.
  •  Monthly Meeting Review:  Meeting will be to discuss any issues, current best practices, and lessons learned.  The metrics will also be reviewed to discuss current statistics.
  • Annual Review: This will be an opportunity to discuss the continuation of the group and the Wiki itself.
  • Identify and leverage success stories: a good story of a successful implementation of a corporate internal Wiki is the story of Intelpedia!
  • Identify Key Risks and Internal Barriers: In this blog post I have identify 3 major risks, their possible scenarios and how to avoid them.
  • Proposed Wiki: This is the finsal stage where a Wiki that meet the above requirement can be chosen. The nominated Wiki has to provide a friendly user interface, with a robust content editor to allow Wiki user/builder to easily add information to the site.
  • Employee Recognition / Reward: The implementation of a Wiki should consider how recognition of individuals who contribute will be handled.



Business Week. (2007). Corporate Wikis: CEO Guide To Technology. Retrieved September 26, 2011

Nations, D. (2001). Wiki in the Workplace. Retrieved September 26, 2011

The story of Intelpedia: A model corporate wiki. Retrieved September 27, 2011

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About Morohen
This blog is created for INN346 Enterprise 2.0 subject | Queensland University of Technology

2 Responses to Corporate Wikis: Implementation Strategy

  1. weidingep2 says:

    Thanks for your post, it demonstrates a clear wiki strategy with examples.
    yes, the most recognized wiki should be wikipedia. But on ht other hand, wikipedia lost one vital characteristic which is group discussion and privacy. When the edge of a wiki bordered to worldwide, it confront different management problem and strategy comparing with wiki of small cluster people

  2. Dawn Lau says:

    Hi Ali
    How can we ensure the quality of information on wiki regarding to the BAS? I will suggest there should be some predefined rules within the organization on the wiki usage. Thanks!


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