Facebook Page: A new tool for a good Class communication & collaboration

We as (4 INN) students created a Facebook page called Social Media Guide (beginners). This page is created to increase the class communication & collaboration. All INB/N346 students are encourage to do the following in order to improve our knowledge of E2.0 as well as the knowledge of the World Wide Web Community:

  • Extend the weekly lectures materials by sharing/posting useful and new resources into the page
  • Ask questions
  • Announce Weekly Blogs Updates
  • Share any E2.0 useful tools, case studies, best practice even if it is not related to the weekly materials
You can join the page and share your thoughs, experiance or ask questions NOW.  
Some of the Facebook page advantages:
1- Can host applications which will give our page a very professional feel.
2- It is very easy to set up and will only take you a few minutes.
3- We can share anything and RSS it to our blog or Google Reader
4- We can add polls to increase student feedback and collaboration

About Morohen
This blog is created for INN346 Enterprise 2.0 subject | Queensland University of Technology

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