Social Media: Business Drivers

When organisations start thinking of social media they often focus on specific goals or ROI. However, taking the advantage of different social media tools requires a good plan. Therefore, identifying Business drivers and current key issues is one of the top requirements of a good plan. In order to do that, I have collected the main business drivers of different modren organisations and put them all together in one table that I have created myself.

No                                               Category  Business drivers   Primary Secondary  Relevant
1 Risk management    
2 Time savings
3 Cost savings
4 Greater productivity
5 Better Project Management
6 Workplace training
7 Engaging with customer  
8 Deeper Product knowledge (internal)    
9 Attracting strong talent    
10 Gaining new customers
12 Better moral (social interaction builds trust)

The above table has 3 different categories; Primary, Secondary and Relevant. The primary and secondary are the business drivers that stakeholders needs most. While the relevant business drivers are the ones you or social media expert finds useful to the company. Last but not least, business drivers should be reviewed and revised based on ongoing activity. Results could be surprising of where social media tools makes the most impact.



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