My Vision

“Enterprise 2.0 is the use of emergent social software platforms by organisations in pursuit of their goals .” Professor Andrew McAfee, MIT.

Enterprise social softwares includes: blogs, RSS, social bookmarking, social networking and wikis

Why Enterprise 2.0?

I believe that most public entities need to use social networking softwares and at least monitor them. Employees can and will use smartphones to update them in real-time. In a recent survey by Russell Herder, fewer than one-third of 438 respondents said their organisation had a policy in place governing social media use! Only 10% of the companies surveyed indicated that they had conducted emplyee training on such use. In addition, Web application are at the top of security threats to the enterprise. Workers are already bringing the tools to work from home when their companies don’t provide such use. Therefore, organisation must enforce social computing softwares for better collaboration and communication. Research from MIT’s Andrew McAfee indicates that those who take the advantage of using social softwares best and safely, reap significant competitive benefits.

My Blogging Strategy in order be a successful blogger:

I have developed the following criteria that I come up with during the course of my research of “How can I become a successful blogger”. The following diagram (Figure 1.0) illustrates my Strategy:

Successful Blogging Life Cycle

1. Preparation 

I will start by taking the advantage of the unit content that includes the following:

  • Weekly lectures (there are heaps of recommended resources in each lecture note)
  • Weekly podcasts and update from experts and fellow student in the field of Web2.0 and Enterprise 2.0
  • Guest lectures in the field of Web2.0 and Enterprise 2.0.

2.Identifying the Problem

Wikipedia is a great place that I have been using in my whole academic life to have a clear idea of the problem (background). Wikipedia helps me a lot to widen my thinking before doing a real research!

3. Finding Possible Solution

After I have a full idea of what I am looking for, I use my favorite Web 2.0 blogs/news, Google search, Google schooler, Bing, Yahoo, QUT databases to do a Real Research. Even though this stage is a very time consuming, but it helps me a lot in implementing the best solutions as well as enriching my comments on my fellow readers and classmates’ blogs.

4. Implementing Best Solution/s

I will use my Research Findings to add a REAL VALUE to my readers in order to make them loyal visitors/readers of my blog.

  • I will used my Experience and Research Findings to deliver a new, useful and important information to my readers
  • I will provide videos, tables, figures to deliver my ideas faster and easier to my readers

5. Re-Evaluating and Monitoring

  • I will seek feedback from experts, fellow students, lecturer and tutor and;
  • I will fix/update my work regularly.

After completing this subject, I want to achieve the following:

  • I would like to learn more about the different tools and application of Web 2.0
  • I would like to learn about successful stories of implementing Enterprise 2.0 in organisations
  • I would like to identify and mesure the risks of using/applying Web 2.0 in real organisations
  • I would like to compare and suggest best Web 2.0 tools to modern organisation in order to help them achieves their goals
  • I would like to learn what Web 2.0 tools can add to modern organisations.
Excellent blogs that I am using in order to get the most of this subject and achieve my goal:
The above blog will help me a lot because is it ranked among the top 100 most influential marketing blogs in the world by AdAge, and it help companies understand the business value of employee, partner, and customer collaboration by focusing on three key practice areas:  Social CRM, Enterprise 2.0, and Social Media.
ZDNet is a business technology news website published by CBS Interactive. The brand was founded on April 1, 1991 as a general interest technology portal from Ziff Davis and evolved into an enterprise IT-focused online publication owned by CNET Networks. They have a dedicated frequently updated Enterprise 2.0 blog
Socialtext has a dedicated frequently updated Enterprise Social Software Blog: Enterprise 2.0.
Webtechman discusses in his blog the Business of Social Media Beyond Web 2.0 and its future!

My Secret Sauce to Getting Blog Traffic from John on Vimeo.


3 Responses to My Vision

  1. Sirous says:

    Providing high quality content for blog posts is critical and your approach in this regard is great. Identifying what you want to achieve and sharing them with your readers is also interesting. Examples are also great.
    However, for having successful blog, you need more than the high quality content and that is attracting people to read your post, i.e. advertise your blog. How you want to achieve this is your question to answer. In addition, presentation of blog is important. Blog most be a little sophisticated (e.g. with links to other accounts such as Twitter, RSS, etc.) as well as it should be simple to follow and attractive.
    Good Luck in Blogging

  2. Sirous says:

    The graph and your vision to achieve your goal is interesting. Some suggestions:
    – In identifying a problem, Wikipedia gives you a background to what you want to write about it. But it rarely help you to identify a problem. A problem can be found in reading everyday IT news, articles, or even your experiences in using tools.
    – As I said in my previous comment, you should see “advertising your blog posts” and interacting with users anywhere in your cycle.

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