Micro-blogging strategies for BAS ALJUBAIL Est.

1.0 Company Background

BAS is a municipal waste (liquid and solid) transporter that is based in Saudi Arabia. Founded in 1991. The company mainly focus on long run contracts/projects with large organisation such; SABIC and Saudi ARAMCO. The company has branches in different geographical areas of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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BAS ALJUBAIL EST. Branches in Saudi Arabia

2.0 Suggested Blogging Strategies

As a group of 5, we come up with 5 different Blogging Strategies and in this post I will discuss:

2.1 Current Situation: 

Knowledge Collaboration and Expertise Sharing within and/or outside the company.

2.3 Suitable Web 2.0 Solutions:

  • Micro-blogging:  is a term described by Wikipedia as “a form of blogging that allows users to write brief text updates (usually less than 200 characters) and publish them, either to be viewed by anyone or by a restricted group which can be chosen by the user”.
  • Micro-blogging could be very important to BAS Est. Knowledge Collaboration and Expertise Sharing. Many of us have witnessed the phenomenal growth of micro-blogging application, most notably Twitter. In addition, numerous social networks including Facebook and Bebo which are similar status update services.

2.4 Implementation tactics strategy 

Every business plan, campaign, or project comes down to Tactics and Strategies. Therefore, implementing a successful social media strategic plan has 5 critical components:

Step (1) – High Level Strategy
To begin, first we need to develop several high-level strategies. According to SAFKO “after some research, discussion, and introspection, we determine our top three, high level social media strategies”. These 3 strategies are:

• Increase Awareness (develop brand)
• Build Community (engage prospects), and
• Generate Publicity (free-ink)

Step (2) –  Mid Level Strategy
This blog post will discuss “Building Community” and looking at each of the possible social media strategies that will best accomplish the selected goal. According to SAFKO that this step is the hardest, as most resource intensive strategy in the list!

Building external or internal Community require the following list:

  • Make the Strategic Level employee to get involve in the community
  • Double Your Email List
  • Inviate People to the community
  • Generate Link Love, Google Juice
  • Increase Facebook Fans

Step (3) –  Low-Level Strategy
The third in developing a successful social media strategy is to choose one of the mid level strategies. In this post “Increase Your Facebook Fans” will be discussed. To fully develop the third step, the Five “W’s”; Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How will be used:

The Five "W's" Chalkboard

• Who’s going to do it?
• What’s going to be done?
• Where are we going to do it?
• When are we going to do it?
• Why are we doing it?  And,
• How are we going to do it?

Step (4) –  Tactics

If we know that we want to Increase Our Facebook Fans, by driving traffic to our blog, what are the ways to do that? Let’s take a look at a few of the actual tactics we can apply to Increase Our Facebook Fans:

  • Google Juice
    • You can also climb to the top of the search engines by simply having a lot of content.  The more content you have which contain the same or similar keywords, the more likely you will come up on page one of a google search for those words (Smith, 2010).
  • Use Facebook App
  • Suggest to Friends
  • Get Fans to Tag photos
  • Load videos and Embedded on your Facebook Page
  • Place Facebook Ads
  • Relevant case examples

Some related Companies who are using Web 2.0 for the purpose of Collaboration and Expertise Sharing:



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