The Power of Web 2.0 Technology

Web 2.0 is not only changing the way people share information, but it’s changing the world! Yes I believe that Web 2.0 applications can be used for connecting and bonding as well as for work and development purposes. Today there are many terms that are associated with Web 2.0 such as:

What does that mean? Web 2.0 applications allows users to interact and collaborate with each other in a social media dialogue as creators of user-generated content in a virtual community, in contrast with Web 1.0 where websites are static (limited to passive viewing of content). Today I don’t want to re-mention Web 2.0 great application. However, I will introduce to you a great Web 2.0 tool that can be used for businesses as well as for students or individuals.


I have been using this tools for this semester in my group assignments and I found it very helpful compare to email or IM application; in term of collaboration and communication. Dropbox can be used as an online USB or to share files and media on the web.  Any file you save in your Dropbox account also instantly saves to your computers, phones, and the Dropbox website. In addition, any file you save in your account can also be shared securely among your friends or co-workers.

Dropbox for teams Vs email Vs Google Docs Vs IM application 

Web 1.0 tools such as email has the problem of information overload. On the other hand, Google Docs is a great tool but, it has the problem of supporting a limited range of file types. IM such as Skype or MSN, can only be used when participate are online.

However, I found Dropbox a robust tool that can be used by individuals or enterprises. This is because sharing a file in Dropbox between friends or for collaboration and  communication purposes is simple! You just need to sign up for Dropbox and download their free application that can be found in multiple platform such as Window, Mac OS, iPhone or on the web. After that, you can just drag and drop any file you want in your Dropbox folder that exist in your machine and choose who want to see and update your share files securely.

To see how Dropbox works, please click here